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Save Your Human

A game in which you play as a pet, and your owner is stolen.


You play as a dog or cat, and your goal is to save your human who has been kidnapped. The player navigates through mazes and dodges guards to get to their human. Players must collect keys to open up the gates the human is locked behind. The player can choose between 8 pets (4 dogs, 4 cats) and 4 different human models.

Save your Human started from a project for my Game Design class. We were told to make any game we would like, with no specifications or guidelines. I started making a game I used to love: a maze that you have to get your cursor through. I started creating it, but wanted a story. So I thought about someone stealing your dog, and scraped the cursor maze idea and decided to make a maze the player had to guide a character through. And finally, as I was putting it together, I thought it would be an amazing story to actually be the dog that saves your human who was kidnapped.

Download Save Your Human as well as the development-log and versions here