An up-and-coming game developer.


Sloan Kiechel

I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but I am now a student at Auburn University, studying Computer Science. I hope to attend UCF's graduate program for game programming after I graduate from Auburn in May 2019. 

I have always loved video games. They create an escape from reality, where your problems no longer matter and all you have to focus on is fighting the bad guys. I want to create games that help immerse people and help them get away from whatever is bothering them in life.

I also have a special interest in virtual reality, and specifically using virtual reality to help treat mental health disorders, like PTSD. I do not currently have any experience, but I hope to one day be able to help create games that help people overcome anxiety and other mental health issues.

This website is a timeline of my work, so you can see my growth. Things at the top are the newest additions to my work, and further down are my earlier creations. Everything has source code, as well as a log discussing changes and how I developed them.